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Joshua Run

The Joshua Run action packed #comic by Flex Alexander – An acclaimed Actor, writer, and dancer popular for his longtime career in TV and film. He is an avid comic book fan, drawing on his love for the medium to create strong stories. OUT SOON!

David Joshua is a computer-hacker-for-hire who specializes in “equalizing” the world for working people. He erases student loans, parking tickets and unfair tax debts. Despite his notions of being a modern “Robin Hood,” David wants to get out of the game and legitimize his life by marrying his girlfriend and making his family proud of his life choices.

During one of his final hacking gigs, David stumbles across a series of payments hidden in an IRS database revealing a conspiracy to trigger World War III. Suddenly, his accounts are frozen, his girlfriend hates him and there’s literally no one who will take David at face value. His world shattered, David can only trust two things: his laptop, and a sarcastic FBI agent while on the run from a spec-ops strike team whose orders are to “kill on sight.” (AGES 15-UP).
The Joshua Run